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Engagement Portraits 
Ellen and Anthony
June 29, 2020  by admin 

The challenge for shooting during winter is you got to be quick. If you are not quick, the sun is going...

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Celeste and Paul
March 8, 2020  by admin 

I met Paul at The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills. No dating apps here. It was my birthday party with friends...

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Alison and Tim
January 23, 2019  by admin 

Ok I think Tim literally never stopped smiling. If you look at the photos, try to find a shot where he wasn’t...

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Lo, Petter and Emma
October 25, 2018  by admin 

When I got an email out of the blue from Lo I was quite surprised because I haven’t heard from...

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Maggie and Jin Soon
September 3, 2018  by admin 

These two humans are so nice, so welcoming and so warm. They were so accomodating and made sure everybody...

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