Alexis + Ivan


All weddings are special and unique in their own way. Alexis and Ivan’s wedding was no exception. It’s simple, sophisticated, intimate, elegant, and beautiful. A lot of effort was put into decorating the wedding and the harmonious sync of all the contractors (including myself) working together to make everything work. Also in Sydney, it has been raining almost every day but on that day the rain never came and the overcast weather gave the best lighting all day long. Alexis did tell me at first that she’s a bit awkward in front of cameras but after spending a bit of time with her in the morning I wasn’t sure what she meant. She owned the camera! She was smiling all day, confident, and looked absolutely stunning. I also did not even get a hint of stress coming from her and she did her own hair and makeup! Such a chilled bride and everybody around her was amazing to work with which made my day super smooth. The ceremony and reception were both held at home and it was spacious enough to have a team of chefs and waiters look after us with delicious food and wine.