Fiona + Bowen


“A bit dorky but cute”
A friend invited Bowen to a uni Octoberfest party, and it was here that Bowen was introduced to a girl named Fiona. He was instantly intrigued saying “she was cute and seemed fun”. For Fiona, she didn’t remember meeting Bowen at all. She was a few drinks in by the time he had arrived, but as she continued to enjoy the party, she unwittingly planted the seed in Bowen’s mind.

That seed grew into an idea. Bowen wanted the chance to meet Fiona again, properly this time. So, he hatched a plan. Exams were coming up and he knew Fiona would be studying in the library. Now, the library wasn’t Bowen’s usual choice for a study location, but if it meant getting the chance to get to know Fiona some more whilst giving Fiona the chance to see just how charismatic and awesome he was, he was willing to give it a go. Upon meeting for the second first time, Fiona said Bowen appeared to be a very friendly guy who was “a bit dorky but cute”.

They exchanged numbers and became study pals, getting to know each other a little more each time. From that moment, the rest was history. They’ve now spent 10 years together in a relationship they describe as fun and full of silliness.

In February 2021, during a family visit to the Hunter Valley for a weekend of wine tasting, Bowen asked Fiona to join him on a walk to locate an epic spot he described as ‘Insta worthy’. Considering Bowen has never been someone to look out for any great photo spots, Fiona thought this was weird but decided to go along with it. As Bowen began taking pictures, he sneakily dropped to one knee and proposed.


Special mentions

Venue: Circa 1876

Video: Alexander Li Films

Gown: Brides of Beecroft

Hair and makeup: Linda Quach

Florals: Flowers by Pili

Celebrant/MC: Wed by Jade

Musician: Nyssa Music

Cake: Cakes by Han

DJ/Photobooth: Moments and Memories Events