I often get asked

Wedding planning is a big task and finding the right photographer is paramount so you probably have a tonne of questions so hopefully these will help otherwise feel free to send me your questions via the enquiry form.

01.The wedding is called off, can I get a full refund?

It’s tough to make these kind of decisions and I totally get that sometimes these things don’t always go to plan. Since the deposit acts as a guarantee for both parties it is not refundable. You won’t be penalised if you postpone your wedding (subject to availability and different rates apply if date lands on a weekday).

02.If we postpone to another date, will there be penalities?

You can postpone and reschedule at no extra cost however you must consult with me on the new date before committing to anything. Should the new date fall on the weekday, then weekday rates apply.

03.How would you describe your style?

I like to be non-obtrusive and let the story unfold. I like to capture your day creative, interesting and fun way.

04.Do we get all the photos?

Yes and no. RAW images or images that do not add value will not be provided to you. I’m doing this to make sure I give you the best storyboard possible. After a meal, you wouldn’t ask the chef for the raw ingredients! The photos will be in full resolution jpeg.

05.Will the photos be edited?

Yes, all photos delivered will receive a slight magic touch to give it that unique look and feel. I won’t be performing any major facelifts though ????

06.Can you edit the photos to match something I’ve seen elsewhere?

Unfortunately, no. Every artist is proud of their work and I’m committed to delivering something that is of my own and not referenced from someone else.

07.When do we get all the photos?

Depending on the time of year, allow around 4-5 weeks for weddings. If you want an album, please allow an additional 2–3 weeks. Engagement shoots take about 1-2 weeks.

08.How many photos do we get?

The number of photos taken at your wedding could range from 500 to 1000, depending on how long it lasts and how many activities are included. Every wedding is unique, and the statistics are only meant to be illustrative.

09.Will the photos be posted online?

They may be used for self-promotion (on my website and social media). This helps me build my portfolio and makes my work more visible to potential clients like yourself.

10.Do you charge for travelling?

The packages are inclusive of travel. However should your wedding be a little further away from my place or Sydney CBD below are my rates per vehicle.

>50km from Sydney CBD, transport fee is $200

>100km from Sydney CBD, transport fee is $400

>200km from Sydney CBD, transport fee is $600

11.What happens if the wedding finished earlier than the agreed hours?

You are still required to make full payment of the agreed hours. If on the day you wish to add additional hours you may do so as per the hourly rate.

12.Are we allowed to change the packages after deposit has been made?

Yes leading up to the event but not after the event. The final balance will be adjusted accordingly.

13.Do we need to provide you with a meal?

It would be wonderful to provide a meal if I am shooting at your reception. Energy is needed to express creativity! This would apply to my team as well.

14.How long are the quotes valid for?

Quotes are valid for up to 2 weeks and pricing can change without notice.

15.Do you have a second shooter?

Yes I do @ $150/hr available from 6-14hours. I only recommend one if I can’t be at two places at once (e.g. morning preparations at the same time but different venues) or if the wedding exceeds more than 200 guests.

16.What happens if you are sick?

As a peace of mind I’ve never been sick to a wedding or at least too sick to turn up. If something does happen to me my second shooter or another shooter will be arranged to take my place.

17.What happens if the weather is bad?

This would apply more for engagement shoots. A little rain or wet ground is acceptable, but if it is pouring rain or there are fierce winds, we should either postpone or move the event to a location with some shelter. For weddings, you’re still gonna get married!

18.How and when can we pay?

Only cash or direct transfer are accepted as forms of payment. Bookings must be made with a 50% booking fee (non-refundable). The remaining 50% can be paid any time after the wedding before the photos are ready to collect.