Caroline + Terry


Sushi brought them together
Let me just say this was one of the hottest days during Summer and not a cloud in sight. It may not look it but I could still feel my sweat-soaked shirt just by looking at these photos! Caroline and Terry had their first date over sushi on a hot summer’s day in December 2018. They couldn’t keep away from each other in the following weeks. Even laser eye surgery couldn’t stop Terry from texting Caroline and she had never met anyone who could eat more than her. As their friends and family watched their relationship evolve, Terry and Caroline became smitten with each other. Before they knew it, weeks rolled into months then months rolled into years. In August 2021, Terry got down on one knee and of course, Caroline said yes!

Special mentions

Venue: Burnham Grove Estate

Celebrant: Sarah Trieu

Cake: Cupcakes in Camden

Florals/Stylist: Anna May Henry Florals

Photobooth: In The Booth

Alpacca: Alpacca Kisses

DJ: Macarthur Entertainment