Christie + Obed


We got very lucky with the weather. Multiple forecasts told us it was going to rain until later in the afternoon; postponing was not really an option as their wedding was only 2 weeks away. With lots of praying; the blue sky began to take over the thick grey clouds and the rain gradually stopped. Until later in the afternoon the sun was shining in its full glory. Now accompany that with a phenomenal backdrop and mix that with a fantastic and fun couple and you will get the perfect recipe for an awesome shoot. As soon as I met them I told them to be themselves and there were no rights or wrongs, just have fun! As soon as they heard that their eyes lit up and knew exactly what to do, and everything clicked straight away. I managed to get over 13,000 steps for the shoot and it was worth every step! Enjoy the photos and thank God for clearing the skies for us!