Michelle + Jonathan


For someone who is shy in front of the camera, a little introverted, and hiking not being their regular activity, I think they did extremely well. Michelle is all smiles and Jonathan needed some love tips along the way 🙂 The air is sweet and we are surrounded by absolute silence except for the sound of nature and our laughter. We were away from all the hustle and bustle and into another world of peace and serenity. The awesome cliffhanging scenery at the end of Walls Lookout is simply jaw-dropping. What’s good about the Walls Lookout is that the views are literally 360 degrees. One could spend hours here and not get tired of those views. The challenge wasn’t getting through the rough 2km terrain but getting Jono as intimate as we can because “physical touch” isn’t high on his list. Maybe he was a little shy at first but the more we hiked the more he opened up (baby steps!).