Rosie + Henry


Who would have thought that unexpectedly, Henry and Rosemary’s first day of university was the monumental moment that changed the path for the rest of their lives? (wow corny!) On a warm day in Feb 2011, Henry moved his orientation tour last minute and unexpectedly ended up in Rosemary’s orientation group. During the tour, she enthusiastically introduced herself to Henry but inwardly he thought she seemed to ask too many questions throughout the tour. To his surprise, her inquisitive nature ended up being the very trait that drew him to her.

It wasn’t until a few months later that they spoke again at the Marketing 101 lecture. Henry came late to class and banged the door behind him with a kebab in hand. Rosemary noticed him from afar and just after class ended, she accidentally (some might say schemingly) ‘bumped’ into him. After realising they both had several overlapping classes, Henry decided to ask Rosemary for her number to diligently organise study sessions, which eventually led to post-exam celebration dinners and later blossomed into their first date to Vivid Sydney.

11 years, 4 degrees, 5 long-distance relationships, and after traveling 15 countries together, Henry and Rosemary are now ready to start their next chapter…





Special mentions

Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria

Celebrant: TMT Weddings

Hair and makeup: Sophie Lau team (Maggie Yang)

Music: One Groove

MC: MC Sarah Lin

Florist: The Artisan Refinery Collective