Yvonne and Matthias


We met at a cafe 9 years ago through a mutual friend. We did not speak much when we first met as Yvonne was engrossed in taking photos of her food at the cafe. It was not until September, when Matthias was out with the other friend that was at the cafe, that he jokingly asked for Yvonne’s number. It was nothing strange as we’d all become friends at that point. It was when Yvonne started replying back to Matthias’s messages that he found that she had a great sense of humour in the way she reciprocated his silly messages.

So Matthias tried to impress Yvonne on their first date by ordering food that turned out to be spicy (not sure how well he can tolerate spicy food) but that’s only part of the story. When it was time to pay he forgot to bring his wallet! Not sure if that was intentional or an innocent mistake and if it was the latter he must have felt devastated on that night. But little did they know the pair turned out to be the love of their lives.

Hair and makeup: @ysabelartistry
Floral: @limetreebower
Celebrant: @marriedbykim_syd
Ceremony: @barangaroosydney
Reception: @12micron